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How to Keep Your Crawlspace from Flooding

Dealing with a flood can be very stressful. It is always best to take steps to prevent floods from happening, especially in a crawlspace where it can be very common. When your crawlspace starts to flood, it sometimes takes a while to catch since you don’t really see it too much. Flooding – especially in a crawlspace, where it can turn into mold quickly – needs to be addressed. When it rains a lot, it is common for crawlspaces to flood. Here are some ways you can prevent that from happening.


When the ground cannot soak up any more water from the rain, the water will collect on the ground around the foundation of your house. Then it starts to seep through the foundation and pool up in the crawlspace. If you have cracks in the foundation, this is where the water will enter. You should do a few checks a year and check the foundation of your house for cracks. Even if they are small, it is best to fill them before they get worse.


The next step is to have a mitigation system set up. Have a system that keeps water away from the foundation of your house. Making sure your gutters work properly and have a correct flow away from the house is key to making sure your crawlspace does not flood. When it rains, check to make sure the gutters and downspouts are moving the water away from your house. If you see it collecting by the foundation, that means it is not doing its job. It is a simple fix but is critical in preventing a flood.

Sump Pump

Finally, installing a sump pump is a great emergency option. If you have tried everything above and you are still getting water in your crawlspace, this option might be best. If you get heavy rain in your area and the gutters are not doing enough, you should consider this. The system catches the water that is pooling up and pumps it out away from the house. It can be pricey, but if you are at a higher risk of being flooded, this can ensure safety.

Preventing Floods in Your Crawlspace

If you are interested in learning more about protecting your crawlspace from a flood, please contact MHS Flood for more information.

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