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MHS Smoke Damage and Odor Control

It’s easy to detect the odor of smoke when you walk into a building that’s experienced a fire. Smoke odor and smoke residue settles in and lingers everywhere – in walls, floors, furnishings, even fixtures. Regardless of how small the fire was or how quickly it was extinguished, the resulting smoke odor permeates the entire environment. These aftereffects can make people nauseous and sick with headaches or other symptoms. In especially bad cases, people must temporarily vacate the property until the problem is cleaned up. This upsets your home life or leaves your business operations in total upheaval.

Don’t go it alone. If you had a fire and are now dealing with residual smoke odor, MHS Restoration, a residential and commercial fire damage cleanup and restoration company, can help. We offer 24/7 cleanup and restoration services when you need fast, professional help, and serve the Chicago area suburbs of Crystal Lake, Libertyville, Barrington, Palatine, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Naperville, Downers Grove, and Elmhurst, and the surrounding suburbs. We put your needs first and strive to meet your every need with our quick response time and attention to every last detail.

Once firefighters and emergency personnel have given the approval to re-enter the property, the next step is to remove all signs of smoke and odor damage as quickly as possible. Some people try to do the cleanup themselves with products from the local home improvement store. While store-bought smoke cleanup solutions serve to mask smoke odor, that is all they do. They work temporarily without completely eliminating the odor at its source. People who attempt to tackle the job themselves quickly realize just how difficult and even futile the process of removing smoke odor is. Call for professional help if you want to completely clean smoke deposits and eliminate smoke odor.

MHS Restoration, a division of McMaid, is licensed, bonded, and insured, and our experts strive to always provide the highest quality service. Our uniformed technicians arrive in company vehicles, so you know exactly who is performing your work. And, they are fully trained and IICRC-certified in the services they perform. Once they know what is needed to safely and expertly remove smoke odor, they go right to work. They treat your belongings and property as if it were their own, with full respect and care.

We work with your insurance company, facilitate the insurance claims process on your behalf, and strive

How MHS Restoration Removes Smoke Odor

To properly clean smoke damage from a fire and control odor, our trained professionals:

1. Evaluate damage – We fully assess the smoke and ash damage caused by the fire to determine the extent of the cleanup and restoration required.

2. Identify Damaged Property – Together we identify and list belongings and furnishings with smoke odor damage that require cleaning and restoration. To reduce the potential for further smoke odor damage, you may also want to have non-damaged items removed until the clean-up process is complete.

3. Remove and Properly Dispose of Non-Salvageable Items – We remove items that have sustained too much smoke damage to be cleaned.

4. Clean, Sanitize, and Disinfect – We use professional-grade equipment and safe cleaning solutions to clean and eliminate smoke odor and residue from exposed surfaces: floors, ceilings, windows, woodwork, walls, fixtures, etc.

5. Clean, Sanitize, and Disinfect Air Vents and HVAC – So smoke particles that landed in air ducts and HVAC systems are not blown back inside for building occupants to breathe in, we thoroughly clean these systems.

6. Clean, Sanitize, and Disinfect the Exterior – Our smoke-odor removal process goes beyond the inside of your property to also include cleaning of exterior siding and windows, decks, driveways – whatever needs cleaning – so you can trust smoke odor and residue has been completely removed from your property.

7. Defog and Neutralize – To neutralize the smoke odor, we may close off and defog the affected area or apply some other safe technique to completely remove the smoke odor from the air.

8. Repair and Renovate Your Property – If any part of your structure has sustained damage, we take care of all necessary repairs and restorations – all done to your specifications – so you don’t have to deal with multiple contractors.

Fire damage is bad enough, but most people don’t think about the secondary damage that results from smoke odor. For safe, effective results, MHS Restoration is the professional smoke odor removal company that can handle that damage. Don’t let the problem gets any worse than it already is. With our attention to detail we do whatever it takes to remove all signs of smoke odor from every corner of your property.

Why Choose MHS Restoration?

Fire in a home or business strikes quickly and without warning, and can leave you overwhelmed and uncertain about how or where to begin the cleanup. Don’t attempt to go it alone. To be done right, the work involved in cleaning and restoring after a fire should be handled by professionals.

    • We take your emergency call 24/7 and arrive onsite in 2 hours or less.
    • As a family-owned and operated business, we are your neighbors and take your full satisfaction seriously.
    • We support you through the insurance claims process to make sure you receive maximum benefit for the fire and smoke odor damage your property sustained.
    • We use only professional-grade, state-of-the-art equipment and products that you can trust are safe for use in any environment.
    • For everyone’s peace of mind, MHS Restoration is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Has your business or residence experienced a fire and now suffers from the resulting smoke odor throughout the property? If yes, you need fast smoke odor cleanup and restoration from a company with the experience and expertise to handle the problem completely and professionally. MHS Restoration, a division of McMaid, is that company, and we always implement the best, safest, and most effective smoke odor remediation solution.

If you are located in the Chicago area suburbs of Palatine, Crystal Lake, Libertyville, Barrington, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Naperville, Downers Grove, Elmhurst, or nearby suburbs, call MHS Restoration, and our emergency response team will work to make sure you can return to a clean, safe, comfortable environment.

MHS Restoration is Available 24/7 For all Emergency Services So Call (847) 991-7100.

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